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  • Cheap 3 Wheel Fat Tire Electric Cargo Delivery Bike Motorized Adult Electric Powered Tricycle

    Cheap 3 Wheel Fat Tire Electric Cargo Delivery Bike Motorized Adult Electric Powered Tricycle

    electric tricycle for adult ,electric tricycle scooter. electric tricycle scooter Looking for dealers hello viewer ,we are furinka vehicle ,thanks for your view ,this video introduce for you the detail for the electric scooter any questions please feel free to contact with me whatsapp and wechat and phone number:+86 15162100642 Email: Facebook link: Twitter:

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  • New EEC Closed Three Wheel Cars

    New EEC Closed Three Wheel Cars

    This 3 Wheel Closed Tricycle Electric Car will be your best assistant ,Tricycle Electric Car is popular in European country due to Tricycle Electric Car has EEC ( COC ).Tricycle Electric Car is perfect used by adults ,or for family use . Our company designed Tricycle Electric Car a futuristic appearance ,for make it good looking , we Use the top-grade spray painting process while the interior trim is also very comfortable for passenger .Our company is always devoting to create the best driving experience . Three wheel disc brake system make this Tricycle Electric Car safe and also the excellent waterproof performance will give you a better feeling when rain day use .

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  • 2 Seats Electric Tricycle

    2 Seats Electric Tricycle

    This 3 Wheel Electric Car 2 Seats Electric Tricycle is designed for the elderly & for the elderly High safety factor, easy operation, passenger and manned . This 3 wheel electric scooter One-click remote startup with anti-theft alarm system,Equipped with a 500-watt high-power motor, it can also make less noise. This electric motorcycle has been export to USA and Canada for wholesaler ,we can provide our customer for 1000 units per half month .

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  • Passengers 3 Wheel Vehicles

    Passengers 3 Wheel Vehicles

    This electric rickshaw is popular in Indian and Pakistan for passenger and taxi use . thus powerful electric rickshaw is made in Jiangsu province ,China . Our factory manufactured it by high standard , so this city use electric tricycle for 6-7 passenger has a strong Body structure for carrying heavy things .Surface spray paint is sun-resistant and water-resistant ,when Long-term use is still as bright as new . Our factory has cooperation with Indian and Sri Lanka market to promoting the popularization of new energy sources .

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  • electric cabin 3 wheel vehicles

    electric cabin 3 wheel vehicles

    New Model Electric Cabin Tricycle is suitable for rural areas and town .Strong practicability will help for Agricultural use and delivery of goods . Powerful motor and solid structure make the cargo electric tricycle suitable for hills and fields ,even this Electric Cabin Tricycle could carry 500 kg goods or 5-6 passengers . Our company can has cooperated will Southeast Asian countries for long term .We can bring our customers 1000 units of electric tricycle per month .

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  • Electric Tricycle Passenger Seat

    Electric Tricycle Passenger Seat

    Electric Tricycle 3 Wheel Mini Car is made in China with good quality and also cheap price . This Tricycle is very suitable for the elderly due to it is comfortable and safe ! It is the best electric Tricycle for short trip , 100 km mileage is totally enough for most group of users .It is a Tricycle but more like a car , with rear view camera and heater system which will make your trip cosy . It has a fashion appearance , light system is complete,and also the details of interior is luxury ,It is a Tricycle ,but no just a Tricycle ,it is what you need and what you like .

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  • Eec 3 Wheel Electric Car

    Eec 3 Wheel Electric Car

    EEC Approved 48V 500W Adult 3 Wheel Electric Car is the newest designed model with best quality ,it stands out due to it has EEC ,meets the highest standard of EU . I has many different colors to choose ,it is suitable for family use with 100 km range at 40 km/h .This 3 Wheel Electric Car has powerful motor and big size battery ,i can be used at any terrain . Also you can add solar panel to the 3 Wheel Electric Car to add range . The light of the car is the best of all 3 Wheel Electric Car with CE certificate .Good waterproof performance and braking system make it suitable for use in many weather conditions.

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